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Oven Loading & Unloading

Oven Loading & Unloading

Oven loading in the food industry is a crucial step in the production process of many cooked or thermally processed foods, such as breads, pastries, meats and vegetables.

With over 35 years of experience, we offer customized solutions to optimize the loading and unloading of your products in your ovens.

Our experts design the most hygienic solution that is best suited to your needs (number of stations, available space, production process, speed, raw or frozen products, product sizes, etc.).

Our lines can load up to 1.5 tons of poultry per hour at the oven inlet.


Integrated under the discharge of the lift conveyor, the timing conveyor optimises the deposit of products on the conveyor upstream of the oven inlet. The slats on the conveyor belt regulate product distribution, depending on their height and spacing.

The cadenceur offers the possibility of processing a wide variety of products by changing the belt used. Each recipe requires a specific belt configuration. Thanks to a system that can be dismantled and reassembled without tools, recipe changes can be made quickly and cleaning is optimised.

Options :

  • Manually-operated toggle-type belt slackener
  • Accessible for cleaning

Flow-limiting conveyor

The product is discharged onto a conveyor equipped with a second raised conveyor with adjustable height. This acts on the product as it returns from the belt, thus limiting the height of the product flow discharged onto the control conveyor.

The height of the conveyor is automatically adjusted by electric cylinders according to the recipe selected, ensuring a precise fit. The flow-limiting conveyor is specially designed for boneless products, ensuring optimum control of product height and promoting uniform cooking.

Option :

  • Manually-operated belt tension relief scale

Manual distribution

A control operation is sometimes necessary at conveyor level to ensure that products are correctly distributed before baking.

Acemia offers ergonomic workstations to help your operators distribute the products before they enter the oven, while reducing the risk of RSI.

Mechanical distribution

Equipped with feet that oscillate continuously from left to right and right to left, the mechanical distributor automates and ensures even distribution of your products upstream of your oven.

Options :

  • Lifting winch
  • Mobile frame

Improve Your Overall Machine Availability with Our Hygienic Design

As an actor in the food industry, cleaning is a crucial step in your production process. You must be uncompromising about the hygiene level of your lines! Our hygienic design solution helps you to exceed your cleaning requirements.



100% stainless steel solution
IP69K (motors, reducers, sensors,…)

Hygienic Design+ finish:
Microblasting (ra : 6,4)



Equipment at ground level for easy access, control and cleaning

Removal of belts and accessories without tools.

Storage cart available on request



Open and inclined structure to avoid any retention zones

No hollow tubings on all our equipment



Our CIP system ensures a perfect cleaning of the elements in contact with the product.

You can program your own cleaning sequences (hot water, foam, disinfectant).

Improve Your Operators’ Performance with Safe and Ergonomic Workstations

We are aware of the potential risks of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) associated with repetitive work in the food industry.

We know that your commitment to the safety and health of your employees is essential to creating high quality products. That’s why our oven loading and unloading solutions are designed to minimize the risk of RSI and improve the safety of your operators. Our experts have developed real expertise in designing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your operators can work safely, while guaranteeing high-quality production. Our solutions are equipped with ergonomic features to help operators work comfortably and efficiently. To this end, we integrate custom height-adjustable equipment into our solutions to provide optimal height and working radius.

Ergonomic Workstations

Optimize your production with a custom solution

Ensure optimal productivity and efficiency with our custom oven loading solutions. Designed to meet the specific needs of each company and optimize your production operations, we offer a customized oven loading solution.

From a bin tipper or unpacking island, automatically feed raw or frozen products into your ovens through a modular mesh conveyor network. Each of our solutions combines delicacy and efficiency to respect the integrity of your products and maximize your production.

Our engineers and technicians work closely with you to understand your constraints, needs and production objectives. They then evaluate the work environment and existing equipment to design a customized oven loading solution that maximizes the available space in the oven and reduces loading time. (number of stations, available space, rate of your equipment, target rate, raw or frozen products, product sizes,…)

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