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Ready Meal & Snacking

Plats préparés Ready Meal & Snacking

Worldwide demand for ready-made meals is growing all the time. Your customers are increasingly demanding in terms of quantity, quality and production diversity. The multitude of ready meal recipes means that managing the flow and cleaning between different recipes is a complex task.

Guaranteeing food safety while remaining productive is one of your top priorities. The hygiene and cleanability of your lines are therefore essential elements in delivering your orders and satisfying your customers.

Acemia offers complete conveyor solutions for ready meals and snacks. From bare product preparation to tray placement, we offer all kinds of solutions to simplify your qutodi We also design equipment for buffer accumulation management, thermoformer or flowpack infeeds, as well as machines dedicated to packaging management.

Improve Machine Availability with our Hygienic Design

Acemia operates in the ready meals sector, in France and abroad, for both unpacked and packaged products. We can help you improve your production processes, from food preparation to tray placement and primary packaging. We offer automated handling solutions adapted to your products and their preparation.


100% stainless steel IP69K solution (motors, reducers, sensors, etc.)

Hygienic Design+ finish:
Bead-blasted (ra: 6.4)

Easy to clean

Man-height equipment for easy access, inspection and cleaning.

Tool-free removal of belts and accessories.

Storage cart available on request


Open, inclined structure to avoid retention zones

No hollow tubings on any of our equipment


Our CIP system ensures perfect cleaning of all parts in contact with the product.

You can program your own cleaning sequences (hot water, foam, disinfectant).

Improve Your Operators’ Performance with Safe & Ergonomic Workstations

We are aware of the potential risks of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) associated with repetitive work in the food industry.

We know that your commitment to the health and safety of your employees is essential to creating high-quality products. That’s why all our lines are designed to minimize the risk of RSI and improve operator safety. Our experts have developed real expertise in designing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your operators can work in complete safety, while guaranteeing top-quality production. Our lines are equipped with ergonomic features to help operators work comfortably and efficiently. To this end, we integrate customized height-adjustable equipment into our solutions, offering optimum working height and radius.

Optimize Your Production with a Tailor-made Solution

We believe that every company is unique and requires tailor-made solutions to meet its specific needs in ready meal production. That’s why we’ve developed a range of customized solutions to help you optimize production, reduce costs and improve the quality of your end products.

We tailor solutions to your needs, from bare product preparation to tray placement. We also design equipment for buffer accumulation management, thermoformer or flowpack infeeds, and machines dedicated to packaging management.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and design solutions adapted to their production processes. We offer state-of-the-art equipment for cutting, mixing, cooking, packaging and many other processes required for the production of ready meals.

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Working with Acemia is the assurance of impeccable, responsive service, the assurance of guaranteed on-time delivery, and the assurance of a tailor-made food conveyor solution adapted to your operating constraints. At Acemia, we’re proud to bring our expertise to bear on customer issues.

Belt cleaning, hygiene, precise transfers to avoid losses on the floor. It’s with these constraints in mind that Acemia designs and manufactures customized conveyor and transfer solutions for the food industry.

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